Elizabeth Olenchalk

Elizabeth “Ludie” Olenchalk
Fresno State Alumn

Listen to Elizabeth “Ludie” Olenchalk and her experience with service-learning and Service related programs like Alternative Spring Break, The Richter Center, Physics Outreach, and Every Neighborhood Partnership.

“The courses at Fresno State that were service-learning, I knew I would be learning more from doing, than I would be learning just from sitting and listening to the theory of it.  With all the service-learning courses, we were able to learn the skill, learn the theory, the why, and then go practice it.”

A service-learning project produced in the Spring 2016 MCJ 118S Corporate and Non-Profit Media Projects Class. Professor Candace Egan.

Produced by: Kevin Kerston, Nick Ryan, Manuel Martinez, December 6, 2016